Asthma and allergies are becoming more prominent in society.

Aerobiology Research Laboratories are field experts in outdoor pollen and fungal spore identification. We monitor outdoor allergen levels and use this information to produce reports and forecasts for media, allergists, research institutions, and pharmaceutical researchers.

Aerobiology Research Laboratories offers a variety of products, services and information resources to a wide range of fields in Canada and internationally.

Clinical trials

  • Establish monitoring sites world wide
  • Establish sampling sites and providing sample analysis
  • Source of equipment and supplies for environmental exposure units

Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Data reports to use for marketing or clinical trials
  • Forecast reports to provide information to the public
  • Reports that estimates allergy medication product supply for allergy season
  • Branding opportunities – product positioning in clients evoked set


  • Data reports to assist with patient care
  • Source of equipment and supplies for aeroallergen sampling

Research Professionals

  • Historical and current data reports
  • Source of equipment and supplies for aeroallergen sampling
  • Consulting services


  • Forecast reports to provide information to the public

Consulting, training and education

  • Aeroallergen Monitoring
  • Educational reference slides and materials
  • Laboratory Training Courses

Dedicated to Allergen Research

The nature of pollen levels in outdoor air has very complex short-term and long-term relationships with the environment. Gaining an understanding of these relationships allows us to not only create and improve pollen forecasts, but also improve the accuracy and scope of our data and provide better knowledge and advice to our customers. We are developing cutting-edge methods and tools for data analysis to support our research. Incorporating data mining techniques with machine learning methods and multi-dimensional data visualization.